the person behind the camera

There are so many amazing photographers showcasing their intriguing pictures out there. Especially now with Instagram, where visuals are of utmost importance, inspiring photography seems to be much more accessible.

However, with the current overflow of information, the quality of the images and displaying a differentiated perspective are becoming factors of increased importance. Brands and influencers dedicate a lot of time to have a beautiful feed, with aspirational pictures of them taken by “someone”. Yes, most of the times, the pictures exhibited weren’t taken by the influencer itself (@sorelleamore and other few being special exceptions to the rule). Usually there’s “someone else” behind the camera. This is of course disregarding the profile of photographers or videomakers, which only showcase their own work. I’m referring myself more to fashion stylists, models, lifestyle influencers, etc.

Has that thought ever crossed your mind?

As a photographer myself, I always think about the person standing behind the camera and making that particular “click” - what is going through that person’s mind at that specific moment? Where does he/she originally come from? How did their life experiences bring them to that situation in time?

I always try to think or imagine the overall situation happening around an image - taking in mind that the picture is only a small static frame of a whole scene. This thought comes mainly in my mind when viewing impactful photojournalism pictures taken during wars, protests, natural disasters, etc. Was the photographer also at risk? Did he/she put his camera down after the moment of the picture and ran to the next impactful scene or did he stay where he was? Did he/she had a conversation or at least exchanged some words with the subject matter?

Maybe I’m an overthinker..?

What are your thoughts when you see a picture that captures your attention? Do you think about the model or subject matter being presented in the image, the landscape, maybe the noise around? Or are you like me that thinks on the “behind the scenes” spectrum? Or maybe you don’t think nothing at all and are just focused on the feeling that the image transcents to you..?

I’m clearly curious about the different perspectives out there and would love to hear your opinions and reflections on the subject.

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