How to Find Creativity When You're Feeling Overwhelmed (even if you’re not creative).

Fear is real. Burnout is real. Fatigued is real. So, let’s talk about it!

Have you ever considered to actively create a warm atmosphere and enjoy the good things in life with good people? Do you acknowledge the good in front of you despite the not so good in the environment? If not so much is your answer, let’s explore how we can begin to form this habit now, shall we?

As contagious as COVID-19 is today, burnout has become a widespread epidemic too. In May 2019 the WHO included burnout as an occupational phenomenon in the 11th revision of the International Classification of Diseases. Are you in a constant state of exhaustion and overwhelm? There’s no need to wear the busy badge of honor, spoiler alert, there’s no prize for it!

Instead, when we face tough circumstances, I invite you to take a more proactive approach to be more in tune with your emotional state.

So, first things first, own the problem. If you’re feeling scared, say it. If you’re feeling exhausted, share it. If you’re lacking the ability to focus, spell it out loud. There’s no shame in any of these, the struggle is real and we all live it.

When we’re all collectively being forced to face life with a different lens, why not explore ways in which we can reach out to our creativity to cope with what’s coming at us.

Creativity is the use of imagination or original ideas to create something. But, wait, how do I get started?

Exactly my point, let’s start by enjoying doing nothing regularly. Yes, that’s right. When was the last time you sat on your sofa to contemplate your beautiful home? Leaving time in the day for self-reflection and evaluate how you’re dealing with your current feelings will be the catalyst to avoid going passed that thin line into exhaustion, burnout or worse. But this doesn’t mean we’re turning into couch potatoes.

These days, when we find ourselves at home - working remotely mainly- is like living on a remote island with online communication. It’s the perfect ground to ignite your creative juices, and here are some ideas to implement:

Change your mindset! The key to this game is to open your mind and ease into navigating new circumstances because there’s a learning opportunity in everything; if you choose to learn from it, of course.

Prioritize family time over work. That is, your loved ones will be around most likely, so setting ground rules on collective housework time, focus time, playtime, mealtime, and breaks are important. Get all your tasks on your digital calendar, or draw it on a board so it’s visible for everyone to follow. Speak out it, share, create team projects that can be celebrated by the end of the day. Anyone in for baking, or building puzzles?

List your wish projects and tackle them one at a time daily. For example, early Spring cleaning, re-decorating a room, house improvements, testing out new recipes, new education, or perhaps an incomplete online course. Ask your family members for theirs too and compile them all in a visible list of To-Do’s anyone can reach out to when boredom hits.

Select your next read, and place your book nicely next to your favorite reading spot so it’s easy to reach when you decide it’s reading time. For little ones, place them at their reach so books become as accessible as toys. Wise advice I learned early on from another mama, and now my toddler asks us to read for her on a daily basis.

Let music accompany you throughout the day, and perhaps start building playlists. Explore new radio stations, DJs, musicians, and why not a new genre.

Dress the part. Even if you’re tempted to wear pajamas all day long, resist it! And the golden rule, do not work from bed. Rather set your creative space aside in a separate room if possible. Try not to treat your weekdays as if they’re an extension of last Sunday.

Assign a flexible temporary work schedule, that is to your business structure and communicate with your family and clients when you intend to be where so that they also make themselves available around your proposed schedule. Ask yourself what your preferred working hours to create, to follow up, to deliver and to communicate are. Then, install the tools and socialize, get going, stay in the scene of what’s happening in your work/business circle behind your screen. Don’t always be available though, that’d be the quick road down to overwhelm pretty soon.

Avoid last-minute meetings, mostly to avoid disappointments. Everyone is doing their thing on their own timing, not yours specifically, so decisions should not be made last minute either. And, when hosting online meetings follow a few protocols: being on time of outmost importance, and sharing the link handy prior to the meeting time is too. Also, if one person is on video, all are on video or not (mainly 1:1). Unless it’s a seminar mode and then you’ll need to follow the host’s rules.

Pick a sport, followed by your top home self-care routine. Include these activities as part of your schedule and try not to skip them. If necessary, combine sports with another activity in tandem, or even better, make it a family experience. Now, I’d recommend self-care to be a solo affair in your downtime, but it’s your choice.

Be real, be of service, build relationships, care for others!

When we look at uncertainty with creativity you’ll be surprised at what you’re capable of transforming yourself into, make this a habit. Stay productive and in action, don’t let fear stop you. When circumstances force us to excel we grow to the challenge. So, set the bar high and reach out for making the most out of these circumstances. I invite you to think of ways you can help others find peace and ease to help them deal with fear and overwhelm because you surely have a special gift that someone else can lean on to rise. For example, I’ll be sharing free yoga classes streaming online for the next four weeks, welcome to join me. And, you?

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