The one soft skill you need (and already have)

Aktualisiert: 29. Jan 2019

Empathy has become one of the new keywords in business. The times of cutthroat deals and betrayals may not be a relic of the past yet (sadly so), but success certainly knows more than one way. Therefore, taking the time to find out how others feel is a crucial skill - regardless of your position or the field that you're working in.

Stepping into someone else's shoes is not always easy - which means that you should practice, practice, practice. Let your employee/co-worker know that they are understood and taken seriously. Listening to what they are saying is one of the most important factors. This shows that you are interested and think beyond your own perspective. Furthermore, seeing matters from your co-worker's point of view gives you new insights regarding problems - and possibly new solutions.

The best thing about empathy? It generates a good mood in your office. Almost automatically. If your employees and co-workers feel that they are understood and can voice their opinions, they will come to work happier. So will you. Communication is one of the most vital aspects in any context - and all the more so in a business-related manner.

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