Beitrittsdatum: 24. Sept. 2019

Let's be honest: in the past, we were all happy when the project "Website" was brought on stage. Finally we had time for more important things.

Nowadays, there is nothing left to search, find and buy over the internet. 80% of consumers start their search with Google. That's why you have to be found on the net!

So I ask you: are you found on the net? How do you fish out the right customer? Is your digital appearance representative? How do you increase your sales?

My specialty is to make you successful with today's digital possibilities.

I am working on the world wide web since 1998 and made my first website in 2003. I have my experience in various companies, after graduating as a web publisher and web designer SIZ.

One thing is certain: Nowadays, you need a digital agent to pick you up, advise you, and give you valuable recommendations. So that you can stand out from the competition!

Whenever a website goes online, it makes me happy. At the same time, I enable people in other countries to work. My services to you, I provide thanks to the support of my national and international network of very competent people.

FLOWEB Digital Agent
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